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Welcome to North West Weddings & Events Ltd, a family business with over 29 years' combined experience in the wedding and events industry.

The company has two main focuses: entertainment, incorporating music, lawn games, magicians and more; and Elsie Weddings, our design branch offers simple, elegant event and wedding design, with beautiful wedding decor, bespoke hand-maid props, in-house stationery design and printing, and accent lighting .

We'd love to hear from you, so please have a browse and get in touch with any questions!

About Us

Lauren and Craig on their wedding day in the Ribble Valley

Hi! This is us, Lauren and Craig: co-directors of a family run Lancashire wedding business that we've lovingly built over the last few years to help couples make the right decisions for them during their wedding planning. Our trading name, Elsie Weddings comes from our combined initials: L-C. It's a bit more personal than our company name, and we're all about that personalisation!

Planning a wedding - especially for the first time - is a stressful and expensive affair; we're here to help you cut through the noise, dispell the myths and avoid the TikToc fad pitfalls to get to the bottom of what will really make your day perfect (hint: it almost certainly isn't chair sashes!). Our clients value our honesty: if something isn't necessary or is more costly than it needs to be, we'll tell you. In a nutshell, we're here to help make your dreams come true, not make your dreams more expensive.

This photo is us on our wedding day in 2023, which of course we designed ourselves, bringing onboard some awesome suppliers from a network we've built over the past 15+ years. We actually had two weddings, but we'll tell you that story over a coffee / pint / smoothie!

Lauren's degree is in events management, and she's always crafted too; Craig is one of the UK's most highly-regarded wedding and event musicians, as-well as being our graphics and wood-working guy. With this unique combination of skills, creativity, and a fab, friendly team of experts in different fields, we're here to help you design a beautiful, entertaining wedding day that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime, without breaking the bank. We've approaching 30 years of combined experience for you to call upon (and that extends to 100+ factoring in our extended network!).

So, get in touch today if you think we might be able to help making planning the biggest day of your life more about the pleasure and less about the pain!

Design & Decor

First up, it's important that you know from the off that our in-house table decor design service is generally for smaller weddings. If you're looking at up to around 50 daytime guests, we've got options aplenty. For bigger weddings, we'll point you in the direction of bigger companies with huge warehouses full of stuff (or if you're hiring another of our services, we can deal with them for you).

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Top Table with Bespoke Menus
2 / 8
Simple Aisle Decoration
3 / 8
Bespoke Medieval-Style Welcome Sign
4 / 8
Springtime Table Settings
5 / 8
Evening Reception Accent Lighting - Highlighting Brickwork and Beams
6 / 8
"Our Story" Bespoke Graphic
7 / 8
Moongate With Flowers & Neon Sign
8 / 8
Pretty Table Decor

Elsie Wedding's design and decor services include the following. Anything we don't stock ourselves (such as live flowers), we can usually source through our suppliers, often at a discount, so you don't have to juggle several suppliers to achieve the look that you want.

Whatever, and however much, you're looking for, head down to the Consultations section below to find out more about the process. Rather than showing you a catalogue of items to choose from, we start with you giving us an idea as to your preferred styles, colours etc, then we'll moodboard lots of ideas for you to browse (free of charge) to help decide if we're the right fit.


Lauren and Craig on their wedding day in the Ribble Valley

So you've sorted the look of the big day, and now it's time to focus on the fun! Entertainment is the key to a memorable big day. There's tons of evidence to suggest that the entertainment it's what guests will enjoy the most and remember the longest, and lots more to suggest that it's the number one thing brides and grooms wish they'd paid more attention to when looking back on their wedding planning. You won't make that mistake!

We've everything you could possibly wish for musically, from various pianists, harpists, sax players, guitarists, violinists and singers through to bands and DJs. But entertainment doesn't stop with music; why not consider a magician, or casino tables? Whatever you fancy, we've got the contacts to make it happen, and the best bit is we'll deal with all of the details for you!

We'll listen to what you like and don't like during your consultation then show you some options as to what we know will work best for you for you to choose from.

Lawn Games

Popular with kids and adults alike, lawn games are becoming one of the spring and summer wedding "must-haves" we can actually get behind! All of our lawn games are hand-made and designed to closely complement lime-washed chiavari chairs, which are the most popular choice for ceremony seating either indoors our out right now.

Boys in tuxedos laughing while knocking down cans with beanbags

There's a choice of games, and you can choose three or more. 2024 prices start at £100 for three, then £30 per additional game, with existing customers already booked on decor or entertainment packages entitled to discounts of up to 50% subject to game availability. The options are:


Here's the process we work to. There's lots of time to bounce ideas off one another to make sure you're totally happy before there's any need to pay a retainer.

  1. No-obligation consultation: a relaxed (but usually quite giddy and excitable!) chat in person or online to learn about you, your ideas, tastes, guests etc, and for you to show us any inspiration you've already found
  2. Moodboarding: we'll go away and create moodboard(s) to show you what we can offer based on step one, which we'll send to you to browse at your leisure in the comfort of your own home. If you're looking at entertainment, we'll send videos etc
  3. Refining: if there's anything to tweak, we'll do that and send you some amended ideas
  4. Date Retainer: once you're happy, you reserve us for your date with a booking form outlining the services to be provided and a date retainer is now payable
  5. Final Details: about 3 months before the wedding, we'll confirm final details with you. Depending on the complexity of the job, this might involve another meeting, but this can often be done by phone/email.
  6. Final Balance: the remaining balance will be issued following the final details confirmation

To book your free consultation or to ask any questions, just get in touch on the details below!

Get in Touch!

We’d love to hear from you, whether you’d just like to make an initial enquiry, book a free no-obligation consultation or to further discuss an existing booking.


Please email us on info@north-west-weddings.co.uk.

Include as much information as you can: your venue and date, any services/products that you already know are of interest, and if you’d like to attach any photos of examples of decor you’ve seen and liked in advance of a consultation please feel free - it's always helpful.

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